David Dzubinski


David Dzubinski is a pianist and composer who combines his great energy, wit and humor with endless imagination and courage.

  David Dzubinski's interpretive playing incorporates freedom with an eye toward frame of reference. While never letting go of the reference points in tunes, Dzubinski journeys in and out of harmonic dissonances and rhythms, chaos and unity, creating a lovely dance of tension and release. With the basic structure of the tune always central, his whirlwind of colors and rhythms swirls around it, allowing the listener to be inside and outside of the tune at the same time. 


This inside/outside approach is, in fact, Dzubinski's goal as both a performer and composer.

As a ballad player Dzubinski displays a rare intensity. He is able to place himself into a deeply personal and melancholy space, displaying bold sensitivity and beautiful phrasing.




Recycl Cover pic

_____________________________ RECYCLICAL

                                                                                                         produced by Kaylé Brecher and Dave Burrell


"While one should use real discernment in labeling an artist as “one to watch” or a “rising star,” Dzubinski more than earns those plaudits. His is a truly fresh voice, straddling the fickle fence between innovation and tradition, and much more should be heard from him in the future. Highly recommended.."            allaboutjazz.com

READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW AT::   allaboutjazz.com

Recylical Track Listings and Audio Clips

1. Straight No Chaser/Blue Monk-mp3
2. Well You Needn't
3. A Little Demon-A Little Dance
4. Autumn Leaves
Blue Moon (phase 1)-mp3
6. A Night in Tunisia
7. All the Things You Are
8. Gene Pullen
Blue Moon (phase 2)-mp3
10. On the Sunny Side of the Street
11. Spanish Kay
12. The Duke
13. With Open Eyes
14. Easy to Love
Blue Moon (phase 3)-mp3

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 While a young piano student at Philadelphia's well-known Settlement Music School, David Dzubinski was chosen to perform for the composer Vincent Persichetti. Persichetti called David's performance "spirited and warm" and that description still has resonance today.  

David Dzubinski’s approach to composition and performance incorporates a strong point of reference while journeying in and out of unity and chaos, utilizing harmonic dissonances and rhythms, and creating a lovely dance of tension and release. He displays a rare intensity in his playing, as well as bold sensitivity.

After attending Temple University for Jazz Composition and Arranging, David studied privately with internationally known jazz pianists Joanne Brackeen, Dave Burrell and Edsel Gomez, respectively. His accomplishments include one solo recording (‘Recyclical’); a Jazz Suite ('Strange Loop') commissioned by Philadelphia University and incorporating interactive video; a Music Suite ('Paint') commissioned by Doylestown Health and Wellness Center and accompanying artist Nathan Distefano’s live painting performance; featured compositions in productions at both The Society Hill Playhouse and Philadelphia's Wilma Theater; appearances on four of jazz vocalist/composer Kaylé Brecher's recordings; and one of Dzubinski's compositions was published by Freddie Hubbard's Hubtones Publishing. David Dzubinski has performed with: G. Calvin Weston, Doug Wimbish, Elliott Levin, Corey Glover, Darlene Love, Paul Pesco (Madonna), Mischa Machez, Jason Fraticelli, Anwar Marshall, Sarah Dash, Tim Motzer, Dawn Robinson, John Swana, Gary Us Bonds, Tom Spiker, Warren Oree, Frank Butrey, Kaylé Brecher, Chico Huff, Mutlu, Josh Lawerance,  and others.





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David Dzubinski and Kaylé Brecher                               David Dzubinski        



 Dave Burrell and Kaylé Brecher at Philadelphia Art Alliance, 2004

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