Kaylé  Brecher


"she sees her vocals in a complete context - sees them better than almost all vocalists, past and present" 
- Harvey Pekar, freelance writer and contributor to Jazz Times, Jazziz and Downbeat





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Kaylé Brecher's newest recording features Kaylé's vocals, arrangements and compositions with:

Kaylé Brecher: all vocals

Ratzo Harris: bass

Frank Butrey: guitar

Grant Calvin Weston: drums

Brandee Younger: harp

Gloria Galante: harp

Benjamin Sutin: violin

David Dzubinski: piano

This is Life - Kaylé Brecher - cover art

"Brecher is poetic to the core and not afraid to take chances and challenge your  ear with jazz tensions and releases, challenging your senses and bending your ear with each twist and turn. She is one unique artist who brings more meaning to her music than most. Style is her middle name - she is here to stay long after just listening."  - H. Allen Williams,  JazzTimes

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Kaylé Brecher: Spirals and Lines -    4.5 out of 5 Stars
                                                                            ~Tom Hull, Village Voice

Scott Yanow (jazz critic contributor to major jazz magazines including Jazz Times, Jazziz and Downbeat and author of ten books including The Jazz Singers, Jazz On Film and Jazz On Record 1917-76) says :

 "Spirals and Lines is a consistently colorful and intriguing set by the very talented singer-arranger-composer Kayle Brecher. Exploring the sound of brass with voice in the unique ensembles, she also utilizes the remarkable sousaphonist Jimmy Parker, guitar, piano and drums but no string bassist or reeds. Performing sophisticated and often-political lyrics that are universal and topical, Ms. Brecher displays a highly expressive voice with a wide range, a deep understanding of the lyrics and a joyful scatting style. This is a CD that certainly rewards repeated listening....

There can be no doubt, after one listen to Spirals and Lines, that this is a major statement from a powerful singer-arranger-composer, one who deserves to be heard many times."

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Also available at iTunes, amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, CDbaby, and all other vendors




This spontaneous recording is the very spirit of music, emotion, passion and visceral response; genre-bending, personal, sometimes minimalistic/sometimes chaotic; and above all musical conversations which run from the tender to the intense. This is an almost totally improvised set of four recordings, two of which are spontaneous musical readings of the poems of bassist Kelly Roberti. It was Kelly's last recording.
Stars Don't Weep Cover
"Fearless. Unafraid of keeping the accompaniment to a minimum and placing her instrument foremost. Unafraid to tackle tunes that are unfamiliar, overly familiar, or just offbeat. Unafraid to encourage new and emerging voices. Kaylé Brecher has always been about the music and the paths by which it can be created.This project is a collaboration with Montana bassist, composer, and poet Kelly Roberti, whose time in jazz has included service with David Murray, Jack Walrath, Freddie Hubbard, and many more giants. His creative vision is a heavenly match for Ms. Brecher’s, as together they transform the landscape of music. The session, recorded while Roberti was visiting Philadelphia on his way to Paris, demonstrates the flawless musicianship and professionalism of all involved." -Todd Jenkins
Read more, hear samples and purchase here - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kaylebrecher12

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"Coltrane felt that music is a universe...it's like you see the stars in the sky and know that behind the ones you can see there are many more you can't see."     McCoy Tyner



Subtly complex, unique and powerful with compositions, arrangements and performances that transcend boundaries, Kaylé Brecher (pronounced Kayla Brecker) is at once completely distinctive and an amalgamation of her many great musical influences.

 Kaylé's musical concepts embrace the total musical statement in each piece. The whole ensemble becomes part of her personal expression and the settings as well as choice of instruments and their carefully chosen players augment the desired mood of each composition or arrangement, as well as the meaning of any lyric which Kaylé then delivers with masterful phrasing and deep interpretation.

She knits and weaves improvisation into the fabric of her music seamlessly rather than following formula, and presents us with complete expressive pictures that not only show off the improvisational skills of the musicians, but create cohesively expressed statements with everyone and everything integrated artfully into the whole.  This is as true in her concepts for duets and trios as it is in the larger ensembles.




                  ABOUT KAYLÉ:

“The warmth and life in Kaylé Brecher's voice stands out - a talented and fearless vocalist”

-Jerome Wilson - All About Jazz

"Her haunting voice produces goose bumps - elegant and heady vocals"

- Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz

Kaylé Brecher's singing has a contemporary soul that satisfies the music connoisseur.

Her arrangements and compositions are loaded with passion and clarity."

-Dave Burrell, jazz pianist and composer


"I just experienced a very, very good and interesting CD called 'Spirals and Lines' by vocalist Kaylé Brecher.

She performs with a brass group for which she did all the arrangements.

The CD consists of originals, a couple of rarely-performed "standards" and many surprises. Check it out!"

-Jack Walrath, jazz musician and composer


"Kaylé Brecher's songs possess universal appeal.

They are both a reflection of the times and the way she feels about them.

Her talent as both a singer and a songwriter comes through in a unique voice.."

-Freddie Hubbard, jazz artist and composer  



Kaylé Brecher: Spirals and Lines - 4.5/5 Stars

-Tom Hull, Village Voice – Jazz Prospecting


KAYLE BRECHER/Spirals and Lines:

Kaylé Brecher, though evidently
knowledgeable about vocal jazz traditions,
is far from your “traditional” jazz singer: her
versatility of range, note choices &
articulation of the melody is adventurous &
runs comparison to groundbreaking vocalists
such as Rene Marie and Helen Merrill.
Brecher has a vocal style hard to categorize,
so if you are expecting Diana Krall, look
elsewhere, as she is a musician's vocalist -
able to interpret arrangements with an
instrumental like quality and tone, her voice
truly is a part of the instrumentation of each
tune. Her choice of instrumentation is just as
unique as the vocalist herself --

 not your typical vocal jazz CD and Brecher is not
your pretty little jazz singer nicely knit into
a sweet package, she has bite, message and
grit...Brecher stands on her own merit.

Constance Tucker, All About Vocals

Feb 23, 2013



"A versatile set of pipes that can run the jazz table

from Sheila Jordan and Sarah Vaughn

to Morgana King and Ella Fitzgerald. From smooth as silk

to that raw edge, Brecher has a vocal style

hard to pin down and in an overly crowded field of

female vocalists that can work well in her favor …   

A serious jazz triple threat with mad skills and the ability

 to take her creative energy anywhere she wants to go.

The real deal."

-Brent Black, Criticaljazz.com, October, 2012



KAYLE BRECHER/Spirals and Lines:

"Sheila Jordan's name often comes up as a comparative reference point for those

who are unfamiliar with the work of vocalist/composer/arranger Kayle Brecher;

this link is an audibly obvious one on Spirals And Lines, but the connection

goes deeper than sound. Jordan's uncompromising and creative voice,

even more so than her literal voice, helped to put her on a pedestal in the

eyes of the jazz vocal community, and Brecher taps into this spirit in her work....
Many a surprise surfaces on Spirals And Lines, as Brecher builds an eclectic program

that's as American as apple pie, yet far left of the norm....

Brecher's skills are many and varied, but her greatest strength may be her ability

to balance the offbeat with the accessible. She never completely goes full tilt in

one direction or the other. Instead, she finds herself—and defines herself—

by living in the zone between both worlds; as an artist, that's a great place to build a home."
Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

March 13, 2013


"(Kaylé Brecher's) scat improvisations are evocative of Sheila Jordan and, to a degree, Janet Lawson.

She manipulates syllables for rhythmic impetus, although she doesn’t include the exaggerated enunciation

that was the trademark of Lawson or, more recently, Fay Victor. Still, her textual messaging, at least on

Spirals and Lines, is every bit as evident as  Victor’s socio-political writing. "

-Ratzo Harris, jazz artist and composer  (NOTE: click link/picture just below to read Ratzo Harris' whole review on his Music Blog)


"Kaylé has found her core on this recording (Spirals and Lines).

Not the instrumentation (which is truly fantastic) -

not the quality of recording (which is ultimately impeccable) -

not the vocals and the lyrics (which are in a class of their own) -

but in the furtherance and strength of the core and heart of our art.

Thank you Kaylé.

This is quite a journey into the effort and reality of jazz."

 -Kelly Roberti, jazz artist, composer, poet


KAYLE BRECHER/Spirals and Lines:

A well pedigreed jazz vocalist/arranger promises that this won’t be
the usual jazz vocal album, and she delivers on the promise.
Running her own show, she’s free to color within and without the
lines at will. Opening up with some crime jazz filtered through
Nawlins, she proceeds to mix Dylan with Harburg with Robinson
with originals with 1800s antiwar songs---yep, it’s different, but
not just for the sake of different. With a distinctly New York
sounding big band in tow, this is the free 60s brought into the
10s with a load of hippie cross cultural pollination sprinkled over
everything.    A little Carla Bley meets the Saturday Night Live Band
is the underpinning that makes this set fire on all of its cylinders.
Wild stuff that takes you far away from the usual jazz diva fare.
Volume 35/Number 350
October 5, 2012
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher




KAYLE BRECHER/Spirals and Lines:

Kaylé Brecher is truly a dual force as performer and songwriter who

continually reshapes the public perception of jazz and American music.

Spirals and Lines is another bright, bold journey down Ms. Brecher’s refreshing creative path.

-Todd Jenkins - AllAboutJazz.com




KAYLE BRECHER/Spirals and Lines:

She (Brecher) arranged all of the pieces on the album (Spirals and Lines),

and her brilliant transformation of Bob Dylan’s folk anthem, “Paths of Victory”

 into a swinging New Orleans march for voice, sousaphone and drums is one of the

album’s highlights. Yip Harburg’s Depression-era standard “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime”

 is set for the same trio, and Brecher’s reading reveals a deep understanding of the song’s harmony.

 The longest cut is Charles Mingus’ “Noddin’ Ya Head Blues” (aka “White Collar Blues”, here outfitted

with lyrics by former JHO contributor Ellen Johnson). Brecher’s chart was designed as a tribute to the

original instrumental version, and her scat solo—more than the instrumental solos that surround it—

hints at a more sophisticated chord structure than is played by the rhythm section.

Brecher also wrote three originals for the album, including the title track, “Will of the Wind” and

“So It Goes”. Each of these pieces features her original lyrics (reprinted in the album liners)

and prickly wide-ranging melodies sung by Brecher with uncanny accuracy.

Jazz History Online
Vocalists At The Edge, October 30, 2012
by Thomas Cunliffe
Editor and Publisher




Metcalf Review Nov 2012

*clarification note:  4.97 of 5 point scale

Emusic 5 Stars, August 2013



"The remarkable Kaylé Brecher ranks among Philadelphia’s finest jazz singers; nay,

among the best the East has to offer. Over the past decade she has distinguished herself

as a fearless interpreter of song, a subtle stylist with an instrumentalist’s creativity."

- AllAboutJazz.com 


"Kaylé Brecher is a marvelous singer with a distinctive approach and unique gift for composition."

-Mark Gridley, author of Jazz Styles, Prentice-Hall, Inc.


"...(Spirals and Lines) a deep and serious and yet buoyant recording."

-Rob Hoff, host/producer of JazzFlight, WQLN radio, 91.3 FM


"Adventurous music ... not the usual fare ... very creative ... resulted in enthusiastic feedback from listeners. "

  -Hans-Bernd Kittlaus, JazzPodium magazine


“an artist who possesses not only a solid musical foundation, but a powerful & unique voice”

-Music Director Laurent (Radio 16, Besseges, France)


"So many different styles throughout the CD and so many of them filmic

and image provoking like Cool and Spy Music.  I particularly enjoyed This can't be love

...every bit the Jazz Standard and beautifully delivered. "

  -Anthony Farmer (Ginger Tony), Jazz Syndicate Radio, United Kingdom


"Among contemporary vocalists, Kaylé Brecher ranks in the top echelon...

she sees her vocals in a complete context - sees them better than almost all vocalists, past and present."  

- Harvey Pekar, freelance writer and contributor to JazzTimes, Jazziz and Downbeat   


"I love Kaylé Brecher’s CD (Spy Music). To me it’s like a breath of fresh air.

Kaylé has a wonderful dramatic voice. The backup groups are tops.

I particularly like the cuts with the talented pianist David Dzubinski.

This is a CD I will revisit frequently. "

- Jacques Emond, Jazzart Productions, CKCU-FM (Ontario, Canada)


"I love recordings which start in a way which grabs your attention.

This is certainly one of them (Spy Music): the jerky sax quartet intro ahead of Kaylé's vocal is unique!

The voice is great, and I appreciated the different styles in the various tracks.

The inlay card is true in its comment about Kaylé "diving deep into the soul of each composition".

This (Spy Music) is a recording to be listened to intently, not for background music. Well done!"

-Tony Wickham, Radio Maldwyn, United Kingdom


"...an imaginative, mainstream improviser with a supple voice

that suggests the pairing of Sheila Jordan and Sarah Vaughan."

- Al Lubiejewski, Showcase Magazine


“..the vivacious Ms. Brecher injects bold new spirit

into familiar material and conjures up exciting, original surprises.

She is a master at finding hidden potential in songs.... “  

- AllAboutJazz.com 

"Like great jazz vocalists Betty Carter and the late great Billie Holiday,

Brecher is a thoroughly engaging presence. Even when she reins things in,

she is able to build momentum with her humor, wit and grace...a gifted writer and arranger,

Brecher keeps the songs moving without losing the interesting improvisational turns."

- Jeff Hall, Courier-Post 


"A very powerful voice!"

 -Music Director Jerome (Soliel FM, St. Martin, France)


 "Kaylé is a stylist in every sense of the word, giving each selection a deeply personal rendering."

-Todd S. Jenkins, Jazz News


"Sweet... Sassy... Intelligent"

- Bob Francesconi, Showcase Magazine


"She adds much warmth by giving lyrics a sensitive, sensuous interpretation.

Her scat not only utilizes upper and lower ranges, but spreads tonal color

across a broad palette of sound."

-Michael Plasha, Erie Times-News

"a beautiful CD ('Spy Music') - a beautiful singer."

-Sheila Jordan, jazz artist and composer  

" ('Spy Music') knocked me out... fabulous!"

- Rob Hoff, host of "Maiden Voyage", WQLN-FM


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